Original date:2015-11-03 13:16:13 Edited by: ne1uno Subject: Re: 4.0 vs. 4.1

jimcbrown said...
SDPringle said...

Rather than introduce new changes, I am of the opinion that users prefer to have something that has fewer bugs first. Once squashed, add features.

This was one of the reasons that memstructs was left out of 4.1.0 originally. However, the release of 4.1.0 has taken so long, and apparently for no good reason, that to leave this well developed and well debugged feature out seems like a loss for no gain. (Merging it in wouldn't be very hard and wouldn't take very long, and it seems like more users use the memstructs version instead of the default branch of 4.1, which means it might be better debugged as well.)

I agree it should be merged, it's been mentioned before, many many people are already using memstruct branch. the memstruct feature does not have any impact on the rest of the interpreter or compiler and thus can be ignored by anyone else. there are minimal docs but a growing number of examples on the forum and archive already utilizing memstructs.

there are many innocent or maybe not so innocent ways to trigger a silent exit by misuse of the syntax or as yet undiscovered bugs. there are a few key features not implemented which are required now and again to wrap some libraries. I don't know if there are any planned changes to existing syntax or implementation to make room for the missing features.

so, missing syntax, more tests, coverage and who knows what else?

Matt has already said it's not ready to merge yet so there's the current best answer.

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