Original date:2015-11-02 23:54:51 Edited by: ryanj Subject: RedyCode alpha almost ready!

I am curious what people think of my RedyCode IDE design. If you have and comments, questions, critiques, please let me know. It probably won't be ready for real-world use for a couple more months, but i thought i would show a preview of the design i'm currently working on.

The goal of RedyCode is to provide a complete IDE solution for writing, running, building, and releasing euphoria programs using the Redy environment. It will include a visual GUI layout designer and many other features. But for now, i am focusing on basic functionality as a text editor.

RedyCode uses a pure euphoria-written text editor with syntax highlighting (unfortunately, has a few serious bugs at the moment). It can open "Projects" which manage folders of source code. A RedyCode Project is a folder that contains a .redy file (project settings file) and source files and subfolders that make up a euphoria program. A .redy Project file is in INI file format and specifies paths to Euphoria binary files (eui.exe, eub.exe, euc.exe) and paths to include folders (such as the euphoria stdlib or redylib), so when you run a Project, RedyCode sets up the appropriate environment and runs the appropriate commands to run, bind, or build your program. That's the plan, anyway. RedyCode is still in a very early stage of development. Soon, the source will be available at

Here are some screenshots of the work in progress:

RedyCode has a treebox on the left that shows projects that are currently open. Multiple projects can be open at the same time. Each open project appears in the tree as Source files and sub-folders, and Includes files and sub-folders. In the middle is the editor area, which has tabs at the top to switch between currently open files. On the right, a context-sensitive hypertext help is available to help you write code (a pure euphoria-written hypertext browser, which isn't quit finished yet, unfortunately). There will be toolbars as well, but these are not quite working yet.

If you click on a Project tree node, it will show a special tab with a Project Settings editor. (Subject to change)

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