Original date:2015-10-20 16:39:26 Edited by: elias_maluko Subject: Re: Is there a good Windows or cross-platform Euphoria IDE?

What if, instead of adopt an external API we create a backend agnostic high level euphoria GUI API? If it use IUP, WXWidgets, QT etc under the hood, it dont matter. The API will be the same, and controled by us, the euphoria guys. No need to check docs in alien languages.

An example is Bacon's Basic Converter HUG (High Level Universal Gui) - and freepascal's Lazarus, but this last is too big, many man years. We could have a high level sound API. The way it interacts with OS (via bundled libs, SDL, SFML, OPENAL etc) dont matter and is totaly transparent.

sorry my bad english ;)

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