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I just got done "lone wolfing" an initial release of what I am simply calling The Euphoria Editor. Latest release is 0.1b and this is still a BETA release.

I'd been keeping my work on this to myself, in case I never made any actual progress. But now I've got something to share so I'm posting it with the hope that we can keep my momentum going. Over the past couple weeks in my spare time, I've been working on writing an automated wrapper for IUP. Jeremy's wrapper was too out of date and too "Euphorian" for my taste. My wrapper program automatically converts the header files into Euphoria files and maintains a one-to-one syntax.

Having that wrapper relatively stable now, I powered through many many hours of coding and several cans of my favorite caffeinated beverages over this weekend to complete the basic layout of what is, basically, Pete's WEE re-written in IUP. I was pleasantly surprised about how little code there is here, currently under 1,000 lines (excluding IUP, of course). So try it out and let's keep the feedback loop going. This needs work. A lot of work. But it's a good start.

25 October 2015
Released v0.1b (BETA)

18 October 2015
Released v0.1a (ALPHA)

Get it here, complete with IUP libraries and my new wrapper:


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