Original date:2015-10-15 13:48:38 Edited by: xecronix Subject: Re: Is there a good Windows or cross-platform Euphoria IDE?


I looked at EuVide project page. It appears that the project was written/lead by a team of 3 people. This is a funny coincidence.


I don't know what the product looks like, how good it is/isn't or any thing else about it really. It only runs on Windows (which I don't have) and there are no screen shots to show off the features.


Similarly, I don't know much about wxIDE because I can't find many screen shots for that IDE either. Maybe it's good? I typically have trouble with wx in general but, if there were compelling screen shots maybe I'd try harder. smile It seems to have been last updated 2 1/2 years ago. Is it still a viable option?

I did find one screen shot for wxIDE.


This is another Windows only solution at the moment. However, after examining the project, it looks like it would not take a lot of work to get it to run on top of GTK. About 20 functions would would need to implemented... I think. However, that is not inline with what ryanj has in mind for his project. Additionally, if the screen shots are up to date, the code editor is not as advanced as some of the other options yet.

That said, I feel like this project is a GREAT start to what could eventually be for OpenEuphoria what Lazarus is for Freepascal. Though again, not really a goal for the project.


If an IDE were started using IUP, this could also be of significant advantage to OpenEuphoria. This toolkit really has some huge advantages over some of the other options. The biggest one is it's small size. This means that a very lite weight dll could be provided with OpenEuphoria that would guarantee that "things" written using IUP would run on the target machine. Additionally, the IUP license makes it easy to do just that.

Sadly, I don't know of a single project ever written using IUP and OpenEuphoria. So, I have nothing to study to base any claims of suitability. If someone knows of any, I'd be happy to look at them.


Today, WEE + Glade offers the only cross-platform OpenEuphoria GUI, drag and drop IDE solution that I'm aware of. You can swap out WEE for your favorite text editor but, WEE does offer some OpenEuphoria features not found elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Windows users claim that it is difficult to get GTK to run. This sounds like a packaging and education problem to me but I'm not in a position that I can help out with these issues. Except to say, Dia and Geany both easily installed on Windows the last time I tried. Maybe things have changed since my Windows XP days some years ago.

I'm not sure that EuGTK actually has a hosted project repository. (like github, sourceforge,, anything really). If that statement is true, I consider that a strike against GTK.

For what it's worth

That's how I see the state of these things now. Where do we go from here? Well that's up to the individuals that make up this community. Options:

  • Lone Wolf - Someone could attempt to build OpenEuphoria Lazarus like project.
  • Strike team - A few volunteers can work on a solution together.
  • Ignore - Maybe it's not an OpenEuphoria problem at all. Rather a problem that only exists in the users space?
  • Fragment - Several Lone Wolves can attempt to create a solution
  • Converge - The entire community could pick one solution to converge on for a week or so. If that goes well, maybe converge on a project again sometime in the future.
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