Original date:2015-10-15 02:39:11 Edited by: VirtualB Subject: Re: Is there a good Windows or cross-platform Euphoria IDE?

ghaberek said...

Some people will always want an IDE and some of those people will want the IDE to provide a drag-and-drop GUI designer. I think that is one of the single biggest features that would draw people to Euphoria. Writing code is easy and designing a GUI should be easy as well.


I completely agree with this. I am certainly one who sees a lot of value in having a tool that will allow me to quickly and easily design a GUI. I'm sure that not everyone will agree with this, but I feel that having to hand code my GUI is a waste of time and effort when a tool could do it for me. It seems to me that this type of thinking is why there are high-level languages, such as Euphoria, as well as editors with code coloring and completion.

I realize that I've been away for a long time, and I don't really know how things are done here, or even who's in charge of running openEuphoria, but it's hard for me to believe (and this isn't a dig at anyone) that things haven't progressed in this area. In my opinion, Eu is an incredible language that should be right up there with the best of them, but I have to think that you're losing many many potential users because of the degree of difficulty in getting it to work. To me, it's like marketing a car that is so great it practically drives itself, but telling the potential buyer that he or she has to go find the wheels, the gas tank and the engine in different places, then find a way to put them together. If new users didn't have to deal with this type of thing, I think Euphoria would spread like wildfire.

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