Original date:2015-09-15 13:02:46 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: graphics mode 261 query

[/quote] Have a look at You may need to grab a few files from and/or to get it to work, though I have not tried it on OpenEuphoria. Let me know what you think.

Pete [/quote]

thank you pete

would it be fair to say that using phix will be simpler for basic pixel manipulation (in my case on windowsXP at native resolution 1024x768) than euphoria?

does anyone know if phix has the equivalent of the 'reference manual' which lists all the built-in routines & syntax?

is phix a completely separate program to euphoria and thus should be installed in a completely separate folder?

p s

with regards to there being 'no longer a lot of interest in DOS graphics programming' i must say that the only reason i am used to using euphoria in DOS32 mode rather than WIN32 mode is because the reference manual stated that graphics commands (routines?) like PIXEL, DRAW_LINE & GRAPHICS_MODE could only be used in DOS32 mode and i could not find any similar graphics commands to use in WIN32 mode which baffled me at the time (and still does - if & when it crosses my mind) but i simply decided to choose the mode that seemed to allow me to easily achieve what i wanted to do - which was simple pixel manipulation at fullscreen native resolution

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