Original date:2015-07-22 13:56:57 Edited by: K_D_R Subject: Re: Wee editor 0.32

PeteE said...

Next up is incorporating Irv's changes and updating the options dialogs for both platforms.

Please post bug reports in this thread, thanks.

Hi Pete,

I have been going through Wee update withdrawals since Wee-0.32. Pete really spoiled us with a six-month run of frequent new version releases - the six weeks or so since Wee-0.32 seems like an eternity. I hope all is well with Pete and that the hiatus in Wee development is just the result of a well-deserved vacation. ~ ~ Brainstorming about Wee:

I am very glad to see that Pete is planning to incorporate Irv's changes to ui_gtk and options dialogs for both platforms. Indeed, I hope to see even more integration of Wee with Irv's EuGTK library. Perhaps Wee could include a help routine to allow selection of the EuGTK *.html documentation help files to be displayed by the system's default or designated browser. It occurred to me that if Wee is to be designated the recommended or official Euphoria editor, then perhaps the EuGTK *.html help files should be added to the /euphoria/docs/html directory. For that matter, it seems logical that EuGTK library should be installed to the Euphoria directory, perhaps to a subdirectory: /euphoria/include/gui/EuGTK". I suppose adherents of WxEuphoria GUI could install support files to /euphoria/include/EuWX.

Thanks again to Pet and Irv for breathing new life into Euphoria!

Regards, Ken

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