Original date:2015-06-07 07:33:19 Edited by: irv Subject: Re: Unified libraries to allow porting code to other oses

jmduro said...

Personally, I prefer the way Lazarus does the job: the menu bar, the tool bar and the status bar grow with the I will check if I can use an LFM file written by Lazarus to draw a windows with Win32lib. It may be possible.


You could certainly do that. But why?

People would say they don't want to use it because it's not written 100% in Euphoria. People would say they don't want to use it because Lazarus is a 160 meg download. People would say they can't use it because it isn't simple enough.

No matter how easy to use you make it, someone will whine that "it's too hard..."

Even if you succeed in developing something that meets all the 'requirements' - remember that only a couple dozen people on the planet will actually use it. The rest will complain: "I typed 'make a game', but it didn't work!"

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