Original date:2015-06-03 14:27:53 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Euphoria Wrapper Problem

Icy_Viking said...
	puts(2,"Failed to open SDL2_tff.dll!\n") 

So I suspect it is failing to load the DLL for whatever reason. However, I can't see why as the previous SDL DLLs all loaded fine.

I would run procmon and see where it was trying to load that dll from, and what errors it got. Be warned it may collect thousands if not hundreds of thousands of events, so first make sure you are ready to have it fail, then start procmon and click OK to start capturing events, run your app and immediately switch back to procmon and stop capture (third icon, looks like a cotton wool toffee apple). Then use right click menus to exclude what you safely can, especially anything from your browser/av/svchost/lsass/taskhost/services/csrss/conhost/DllHost/etc. Another possibly easier way to set filters is start capture and exclude (by Process Name) everything that appears before you run your app, which you start once you've got procmon down to a blank screen. Either way it is far easier the second time you use procmon, as it remembers all your filters. One word of warning: if you leave capture running your pc will grind to a halt before very long, so always turn it off as soon as you can.

if that did not solve I would try dependency walker and see what that said.


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