Original date:2015-05-29 15:52:31 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Easy Euphoria a Fairy tale

One thing I was going to try was a simpler version of Microsoft Visio. For those that don't know, it is like Word but for simple diagrams and flowcharts: starting with a blank page you can draw boxes, text, and lines, and drag them about. Text belongs in a box and moves with it. All boxes have 3 or more anchor points on each side and any line that starts/ends on such moves when you move the box. Lines can have arrow heads at each end and always have 3 anchor points which can be dragged to the desired shape with a curve fitting algorithm. I think (it has been a while) if you need more anchor points you can just link up several lines. Anchors and drag handles only appear when you hover the mouse over them. You can zoom in and out when editing. There are a few clones about, but I never found anything good, including Microsoft Visio. Anyway, if you needed an idea...


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