Original date:2015-05-28 17:56:49 Edited by: Spock Subject: Re: Easy Euphoria a Fairy tale

irv said...

Speaking of Lazarus:

I created a little program consisting of a window and a button, which closes the program when clicked.


Lazarus created 16 source files, and the complied runtime was 19.1 megs. EuGTK created the same program with 1 source file, runtime 2.1 megs.

Both are compiled, so they start up with the same observable speed. Appearance is exactly the same.

Two days ago I d/l Mic's Forth compiler [for inspiration] and try out some examples. One of them is a plain window (I'm sure a button could be added to it). Startup time essentially instant, file size, uh, 3K. Sure, who wants to program in Forth? On the other hand..


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