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Spock said...
Spock said...

Speaking of stagnation, when will the next stable version of Euphoria be released? 4.0.5 is too unstable .. The startup time for 4.0.5 is far too slow as well. The end result is that I and my users have to run my programs using 4.0.0 which, in not too many months, will be 5 years old... ..


EDIT: I'm going to test the stability of the most recent beta version. Hopefully there has been an improvement because I don't really want to run stale software.

Test Results using latest beta:

On my machine (Win7) Stability good, Startup slow
On a User machine (XP) program don't even start (or maybe it was starting but I shut it down after 5 mins)

Oh well, back to Dec 2010..

Yeah. You Devs are doing the right thing delaying the next release..


4.1 starts up faster than 4.x does. at this point only bug fixes are applied to 4.x

is there some reason you can't translate & compile the program to executable? or is the translated program starting up slow too?

recent 4.1 beta versions on the download page.

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