Original date:2015-05-12 02:41:27 Edited by: jmduro Subject: I plead guilty

I must confess: I'm a criminal. I mixed Euphoria 3 and OpenEuphoria 4 in the same folder ...

As Copernic would have said, and yet it works!

Just take the last wxIDE 0.8.2, put the 4.1 binaries from \bin in \euphoria\bin and the src\std, src\euphoria, src\wxeu and src\euslib folders in \euphoria\include. You will have Win32Lib with Euphoria 3.11 and wxEuphoria with OpenEuphoria 4.1 in the same directory and shared environment variables without any conflict. Don't try with the latest 4.1 because it does not work with wxEuphoria.

I dit do because Win32Lib used to crash with Windows Seven 64 bits, and I was embarassed with environment variables copmmon to Euphoria 3 and OpenEuphoria 4 (PATH, EUDIR).



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