Original date:2015-04-29 05:05:43 Edited by: irv Subject: xpm resources

One of the things that has been a bother is how to handle images when creating Gtk programs. Normally, images are loaded from files (jpg, png, gif, xpm, etc...) at run-time. This isn't so good if you're going to distribute a program. You have to make sure the images are available regardless of where the program is installed/moved.

The solution seems to be to convert images (xpm, in this case) to Euphoria includes, and include them when binding, compiling, etc. They then become part of the executable, and can't get lost. Similar to the resouce complier on Windows, perhaps.

I've posted a zip file containing the necessary xpm_resources at:

This is a quick and dirty first effort. Comments and suggestions for improvement appreciated.

Edit: note - the executables in this zip are all 64-bit. You can re-compile re-bind, or whatever if you're using 32-bits.

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