Original date:2015-03-31 17:00:27 Edited by: euphoric Subject: Parsing This Line

What's the most efficient way to parse this line so I can do something like this:

line = "company=Billy's Operating Company&profile=Dori&user=Dori Setchell&form=aaplepca&inv=N/A&pc_id=1554165672&lic_path=C:\Documents and Settings\BillyRay\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates&win=Windows XP Professional&word=Word 2010" 
puts(1, get_field( line, "company" ) ) 

Output is

Billy's Operating Company 

Obviously, it would probably be better to load up line into an object, but the above is a general idea.


EDIT 1: I just recalled maps. I bet they're useful here. Let's try that! grin EDIT 2: Ummm. Maps aren't really for "records." OK, what is?

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