Original date:2015-03-18 14:41:42 Edited by: Ekhnat0n Subject: Re: The Eighth Passenger, Stoned goto, etc

Shian_Lee said...
Ekhnat0n said...

I fully agree with you Shian Lee, because my best programs use no more than:

Variables, For-loop, If-loop
Do-while, Loop-until
Open, Put & Get-statements
file-access ofc BOF/EOF/Exist

I fully agree with you.

Seems to me you are just like some of us a real "old hand" at progging, Shian Lee
Care to email personally on where Euphoria should go
and/or join me in the effort to make it into what it could and should be?
Sleek, concise, versatile and fast (with its own debugger and compiler)

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