Original date:2015-02-21 11:12:24 Edited by: mb7001 Subject: Strange appearance

Hi all, I have been searching the forums for a while on this topic.

I am writing a little app, to manage a database for me, using win32lib. The app itself is working, but the problem I am having is that any kind of labels I have, have a color that is different from the window background, on the outside of the label borders. The labels are next to an edit text box and the color around the outside of the label, is the same as the background color of the edit box. Also it appears as if this color is the same height as the edit text, and the label and color just fit into it. I am using windows vista, so not sure if it is a problem with vista or not. I will have to check on an XP and 7 machine at some point. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance, happy weekend.

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