Original date:2015-02-20 23:34:51 Edited by: DerekParnell Subject: Re: console display commands

So i have not yet tried the help that was offered, and ran into another puzzle:

[22:22] <katsmeow-afk> what i do not understand is ne1uno making me so angry i leave this channel, and then he seems to be helpful on euphorum 
[22:22] <katsmeow-afk> that is where iam stuck atm 
[22:22] <ne1uno> quit blaming me, problem solved 
[22:22] <ne1uno> next 
[22:23] <katsmeow-afk> ok, ne1uno is not responicible for anything 
[22:24] <ne1uno> two different ways to turn it off were posted. you can't take yes for an answer 
[22:24] <katsmeow-afk> fuck 
And then i left the irc channel again. All i can figure then, is after this post, not contact anyone or any communication method leading to OE, for any reason, until i have first tried 100% of the help offered on this topic in this forum. Altho why anyone else can participate in two or more threads, i don't understand.


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