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Two months ago, i released Redy Application Environment Version 1.0.a1. Since then, i have been thinking about the goals and direction of this project, which has gone through many iterations over the years. I will probably release an update in another month or two, after i finish some important features. Here is the current roadmap of the Redy project:

Redy will be split into 3 separate packages, which can be downloaded and updated separately: redylib, RedyCode, and RedyOS.


This is the core of Redy, a standard library that makes up the Redy application environment. This library contains .e files that provide a standardized way of designing GUI applications in Euphoria. This library is what you use to make a "redy application", which is simply a Euphoria program that includes redylib files and follows the necessary guidelines and standards.


This is an Integrated Development Environment that helps you write Euphoria source code with advanced features such as syntax highlighting, context sensitive help, running, binding, or translating Euphoria programs, analizing runtime errors, visual GUI builder, etc. This is the first and most important Redy application. It will be optimized for helping you write other Redy applications. An installation of RedyCode has a bound RedyCode.exe executable so you don't even need Euphoria installed to run it, and can contain (and allow updates for) copies of various versions of Euphoria and redylib. It can be run as a portable application, which you can even put on a flash drive if you want. Because RedyCode lets you run Euphoria programs directly, you don't have to worry about installing or configuring Euphoria to run redy applications.


Once Redy is mature (perhaps after 1.0 final is released), i will begin working on a complete embedded solution that combines a Linux or BSD kernel, Euphoria, redylib, and a collection of Redy applications that can be run on a PC or an ARM platform. It will contain useful applications such as a shell, filemanager, RedyCode, and other useful applications. RedyOS could be used to create a very simple specialized computer to perform specific tasks, such as making a GUI for controlling machinery. RedyOS will let you have a very lightweight shell on a computer that can let you manage files, launch redy applications, and create your own redy applications very easily (with RedyCode), in a full-screen Redy GUI environment.

My intention is that people would simply download and install RedyCode, and it would include the latest stable version of Euphoria and redylib. You can immediately start writing redy applications with RedyCode and run or release them easily, using the provided tools. Any time a new version of Euphoria or redylib comes out, you will be able to download updates directly from the RedyCode application itself. The goal is to make RedyCode as easy to use as possible, and provide a very professional, beautiful, and complete solution for Euphoria GUI programming.

I have made good progress on the syntax-highlighting text editor (written in 100% pure Euphoria!). After i fix a few bugs and finish some other GUI layout stuff, I will begin releasing alpha versions of RedyCode, probably starting in a month or two. Here's a screenshot of my textedit.e test app:

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