Original date:2015-02-04 15:53:37 Edited by: PeteE Subject: Re: WEE under Wine

K_D_R said...

The Run menu F5 hotkey options haven't worked for me while running wee under Wine on Ubuntu. So I copied some code from ed.ex into the run_start procedure in the file ui_win.e and it seems to work just fine now. I'm sure there is a better way to do this - can euphoria detect Wine?

I tried it just now and F5 works just fine in Wine. Maybe you don't have the .ex/.exw file associations required for the shellexecute to work? Did you install Euphoria in wine through the .exe or the .zip?

I also agree with what Greg pointed out, I'd rather not have to detect wine. Maybe I can check the result of the shellexecute and use system as a fallback.

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