Original date:2015-02-02 18:00:51 Edited by: dcuny Subject: Re: "Fixed" bug

ne1uno said...

I marked the bug down to normal. if you mark everything severe and blocking it's impossible to prioritize. let the person assigned the bug decide.

So... a critical bug was reported as such (it literally crashed Euphoria), marked down to "Normal" for reasons that had nothing to do with the actual severity, and apparently never assigned to anyone to verify?

And there's no way to use the bug tracker to verify what happened?

I'm obviously suggesting that this is bad. blink

ne1uno said...

there has always been a missing status change note that the ticket system should add, as do most other bug trackers. anyone with access could set any change with no obvious trail.

Yes, I'm surprised it's not there too. It's really useful.

Matt also fixed a different bug than the one I commented on.

ne1uno said...

too bad source forge and amazon no longer give build farm access.

I assume it takes hours to build Euphoria and run the tests?

- David

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