Original date:2015-02-02 16:55:05 Edited by: dcuny Subject: "Fixed" bug

I submitted a bug report last night. The bug crashed Euphoria hard.

Checking on the status of the bug, I see it listed as "Normal" severity, "Fixed" and assigned to no one.

This has me confused for a number of reasons.

How is this a "Normal" bug, and not "Major"? I don't see any guidelines on how bugs are ranked, but I'd assumed that an error crashes the interpreter to be pretty severe.

What does "Fixed" mean? A single developer reported that they didn't have that issue on their version of Euphoria:

Platform: WinNT, Build: WinXP, Service Pack 2:2  
no crash eui or euc  
must be related to an old bug already fixed? 

Apparently this was enough for someone to feel the bug could be closed, despite the latest note indicating that it's a confirmed issue in a recent build:

Confirmed with: 
$ eui -v  
Euphoria Interpreter v4.1.0 development  
   64-bit Linux, Using System Memory  
   Revision Date: 2015-02-02 14:18:53, Id: 6300:57179171dbed  

And if it was fixed, how can I get a copy of the "fixed" version? It still crashes on my machine.

What's going on here? sad

- David

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