Original date:2015-02-01 19:55:21 Edited by: GreenEuphorian Subject: Re: Improvements to the forum ?

I agree that categorizing messages is a good idea. However, basing the categories on the tags does not sound so good, because: it would lead to an indefinitely growing number of categories, and the categories' names would not be very well defined, as each user would be tempted to use his own term for a tag/category. What we need is a fixed classification scheme. And there should not be too many categories.

I venture a scheme like the following:

  • Announcements, polls, administrative issues (creating a new thread here might be restricted to the administrators)
  • Language development & various issues (discussions)
  • Code, code code... (the code-focused area)
  • Beginners issues
  • Off-topic

In any case, I don't think that ther categories should be many.

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