Original date:2015-01-28 19:10:25 Edited by: ryanj Subject: Re: Improvements to the forum ?

I noticed it is possible to categorize forum messages, just like wiki pages. This seems like a useful feature if we want to mark important announcements answers to questions about specific topics.

What if we went a step further:

  • Whatever categories are assigned to the first post of each thread determines the thread category.
  • In the forum thread view, add a category column to the forum page to show the category of each thread. If multiple categories are assigned, show a comma-separated list of the first 3-4 categories (limit how much space it takes up in the table cell).
  • Add a category filter section at the top. We could discuss what this would look like (drop-down box, horizontal list, show most popular or most recently discussed categories, etc.) It could default to showing all categories.

I think it would beneficial to be able to look at specific categories such as Euphoria development, website issues, standard library help, or specific projects like WEE, EuGTK, Redy, etc. which tend to have multiple threads that get lost in history. This would also work well with my "projects" page proposal. Each project could have a link to a category with the same name, which lets you see all discussions on the forum about that specific project. If someone will implement this, i am willing to go through the forum threads and categorize them.

Not Categorized, Please Help


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