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_tom said...

Here is something I plan to add to the documentation. After some testing I hope to have a Linux Distribution with o[ installed and ready to go.

OpenEuphoria and Porteus Linux

One easy way to try o[ is from Porteus Linux installed on a USB Flash Drive.

The Porteus website is:

The download page (desktop edition) is:

The advantage of Porteus Linux:

  • Basic download size is 175MB and under 300MB if you add options.
  • They create a customized download for you.
  • There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • EFI version for computers that have the MS anti-boot feature.
  • Porteus Linux can run completely in ram.
  • No mess; no installation on your computer.

The Porteus website describes several ways to prepare the USB Flash Drive.

I started using porteus last month. based on slackware and kde more than gnome I think. UNetBootin works on windows too. suggest going to the build page and creating your own iso to download rather than letting UNetBootin download it. you can choose which window manager, browser and various options. and it tells you how large the iso will be. get the dev package too so you can build euphoria and compile your programs.

once you install on a USB, you can put packages into the modules directory and files into other directories. like /home and /usr these become available once booted and this distro boots up very fast even on a slow computer with USB2.

and best of all, it is able to persist changes to the flash drive once you create a dat file. see the docs. will run from a cd/dvd also but without the persist feature. would be able to install on hardrive as well but it's optimized for USB drives

this would be a great default live iso for euphoria. I would add the few files needed for kdevelop, the dev package maybe openoffice. you could always remove packages you didn't want from the modules directory once installed on USB or if you can edit the ISO directly if you had to use a smaller USB drive.

_tom said...

Download the o[ .deb package from Source-Forge that matches your computer and Porteus particulars:

Create an o[ file that Porteus can read.

  • Right click on the .deb file.
  • From the menu click: Convert deb to xzm...
  • Use toor as the password.
  • Wait a while and notice that an .xzm file was created.

Activate o[ on Porteus.

  • Right Click on the .xzm file.
  • From the Menus pick: Open with "Activate"
  • Use toor as the pasword

Test your o[ installation:

  • Open a terminal.
  • Type: eui


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