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Dear David or Cher David as you would say chez toi

If a small group would enter into the discussion I would consider heading that group
These are my refs:

Programming ever since 1969, starting out on asm and BASIC soon followed by COBOL, FORTRAN and ALGOL.

During my programming-time I wrote a program called Megapod which did exactly what Windows 3.11 did BUT
as I was living in the Netherlands in those days and had no connections whatsoever with either Intel or IBM
Bill Gates swooped my mate and me, who coded my algorythm, through his liaison with both of them.
I am known to have an IQ of well over 150 (proven by appr. 10 serious tests I did in the past)
nothing to be proud of as it was a gift I got from my birth on
and am specially equipped to see structures of and in anything, so this applies for Euphoria as well.

I did 68000-asm as well for Sinclair computers and Atari TT, so I guess I am quite versatile.

Please don't get me wrong, I am just a man with a mission and that mission includes
to make Euphoria the leading language because of it's readability and simplicity

Mes voeux les plus sinc?res pour la nouvelle ann?e et pour toute ta vie et les vies de ceux qui tu a?mes.

Ton ami et fr?re en Euphoria, Antoine

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