Original date:2015-01-12 07:30:50 Edited by: Shian_Lee Subject: Re: Try/Catch

There are minus and plus for each technique; exception handler and returned error codes.

Try/Catch has also its minus, for being a complex method, not so "Euphorian" in my opinion.

Both minus and plus of each method should be considered by the developers...

I vote for Simplicity, since its a core concept of Euphoria programming language.

Edit: I prefer the general approach of open(), which doesn't tell me anything about the real problem (file-not-found/drive-not-exists/etc), because all I care about is if the task is done or not. Simple approach.

My personal programming style never make use of error handling, unless it's really necessary in some very specific situation. Big programs that I wrote (for salary calculation, work management, etc) without using a single error handler, served for many years.

I think that exception handling should be used as less as possible, or not at all, in a well written program. (Personal approach).

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