Original date:2015-01-10 21:26:27 Edited by: jimcbrown Subject: Re: Euphoria's strengths

Very little of what i believe makes a good programming language has been added to Euphoria. And while i support what DCuny has said (and he's been in this forum longer than i have), i'll point out that for the most part if i support it, it's not going to be part of Euphoria. Chances are, jimcbrown will edit that statement.

I am currently writing new code which i'd much prefer to write in Eu, but cannot. The language i chose has access to the variable table so i can see if a var is there before i use it. And i can search the var table with wildcards, during runtime. I can tell if a procedure is available, and which "include" file has it. I can tell if an "include" file is loaded, and i can load or unload it during runtime, with or without init code running at load or unload time. I can also build a string of code during runtime and execute it. Or i can load and execute a file of code during runtime. While the language has windows gui support for the coder, i have not used it in depth, but only for interaction with the application in text-only. The windows have programmable popups, programmable during runtime. And all this runs interpreted, and loads much faster than Eu. It's not Lua.

Those things i have lost all hope of ever seeing in Euphoria. Most of them i have asked for for years. I miss Eu's sequences and speed, but at least i have functionality in the other language.


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