Original date:2015-01-09 06:01:50 Edited by: Shian_Lee Subject: Re: Try/Catch

dcuny said...

As I (and others) have noted, Euphoria is basically designed as if the end user were a developer.

So the program crashed? No big deal, read the crash report and fix the program. Hurrah - one less bug in the code.

But our end users shouldn't be treated as if they were testers who "should" report bugs.

As far as end users are concerned, if the program crashes what they "should" do is never use the program again, and warn their friends about how terrible it is.

- David

I agree.

What I was looking for seems to be more like Design by Contract which offered by Bugmagnet.

Electric equipment usage is based on specifications. If you plug 110V machine into 240V outlet, the machine will not work. As long as you follow specifications it will work.

Specifications are more clear and reliable way to deal with exceptions, at least in the real world.

And I also think that routines must return an error code wherever applicable.

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