Original date:2014-12-24 00:11:11 Edited by: PeteE Subject: Re: Editor

Sorry it's been so long since the last update. I have finished switching over to the Scintilla edit control, and finally got things working as well as before with the RichEdit control. Thanks to the Scintilla lexer, the syntax highlighting now updates automatically, though I cheated and used the Lua lexer instead of writing a custom one for Euphoria. The View Declaration (Ctrl-F2) and Auto-completion (Ctrl-Space) now work in include files, and auto-complete will suggest routines from the standard library includes. The first auto-complete will have a slight delay while the include directory is parsed, but are cached from then on. The autocomplete uses the Scintilla list popup, which is niftier than a modal dialog. Also pressing Shift-F2 on a subroutine call should popup a CallTip with argument types and names, with default arguments in square brackets; eventually I'd like it to pop up automatically and highlight the argument position of the cursor. I apologize for any bugs or crashes, there's still a lot of polishing to do.

Version 0.9 here

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