Original date:2014-12-18 21:24:45 Edited by: jaygade Subject: Re: Pass by Reference

The Euphoria way would be to use a global or file-level variable for large sequences that need to be manipulated in place. Just look at the source of the interpreter itself.

Not that that's a bad thing, it just doesn't scale beyond a certain point admittedly, a pretty large point.

Google's Go language does pass by value on everything, but has pointers, and slices are pointers to arrays. So with pointers and slices you can manipulate large data structures in place.

Then again, golang folks are as adamant of its features and/or lack of other features as we Euphorians are. *shrug*

The question is whether you are willing to perform your task in an idiomatic way or try to force the language to doing things your way.

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