Original date:2014-12-12 09:35:28 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Euphoria 4.1 status? Dev team, what's going on?

irv said...

I can fly an airplane. It has many dozens of controls. My car only has 3 - gas, brakes, and steering wheel.

For some reason, I usually drive my car to work.

Funny how that is.

I am playing devil's advocate here, but I prefer to drive a car with a couple more controls - a clutch and shifter - because I believe it provides me additional manual control over the vehicle, which I prefer to have. But not everyone feels the same way. It's clunky or confusing or just "too much". Some folks might eve prefer to build their own car. Or take the bus. Or ride a bike. Or maybe just walk. We all have our own preferences and we're free to do what we like.

User89 said...

Maybe the main devs finally figured out that a language with only 3 base types (integer, float, sequence) is not simple, but primitive and archaic. This whole language is a bad joke and most people left the language for Ruby/Python/Lua already. And for lots of good reasons.

Belittling another person's choice in anything is at the very least impolite. It's also childish and unprofessional and rude. Don't be rude. Especially not here. We're not rude. I recommend you read this recent blog post from Philip Guo, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Rochester. He knows a thing or two about programming. And we could all learn to be a little more open-minded once in a while.


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