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PeteE said...

I feel this is already handled well enough by the View->Goto Error F4 option - it shows a MessageBox with the error message and moves the cursor to the line with the error.

If it automatically did this when returning from running a program, that would be great. But I don't currently see that when I tried it out.

[quote PeteE] I dislike having line numbers on the side, and other visual noise, but if you can strongly persuade me and suggest an easy way to do so, I'll consider it. [quote] I find them a nice crutch. Sometimes I feel I'm in the middle of a bunch of lines of code that all look alike. Not a compelling argument, I know.

There should be a nice way to flag errors, and putting a marker to the side is my current favorite.

I also like how editors like TypeScript, Eclipse and Visual Studio put lines inside of the scrollbar to mark where error lines are. It makes it a lot faster to find them. I'm not sure if the win32 allows overriding this in a nice way.

PeteE said...

I would very much like to have a look, please email it to my gmail address, if you don't mind. I have my own ideas on how to handle the parsing and symbol table, but it would be nice to have a starting point. I'll have to investigate the namespace and forward references in 4.0 as well, since my mind is still set in the 3.1 ways.

That's all it was intended as - a starting point. I don't have your gmail address. sad

Edit: Got your email! Thanks!

- David

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