Original date:2014-12-04 08:16:15 Edited by: petelomax Subject: Re: Almost Redy

ssallen said...

If only there were a Euphoria port for Android... (I beg the Eu Gods!)

That's on my radar too. There is an eu2java knocking about somewhere, that I have not even tried. Another option, way off in the future, is elf-arm binaries. I have started a program to pull a sample elf-arm that I found somewhere apart, and produce a disassembly listing, but have not really got too far yet. Of course after pulling one apart the next step would be to construct one. As I understand it, KitKat introduced elf-arm as an option and Lollipop and later will automatically convert all java bytecode to elf-arm before running it. Apparently it is possible, to avoid having to root the device, to write a Java stub to launch an elf-arm, to get round the Android APK restrictions. Does the latter make any sense, is it something you could perhaps do?


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