Original date:2014-11-22 08:40:12 Edited by: GreenEuphorian Subject: Re: You can't compare language features, only languages

system_X said...

Do we have a page on this website that states goals, rules, social contract or something of the sorts?

Apparently we don't. I created the other thread about Euphoria's identity/philosophy precisely to move a step toward this direction, but sadly not much was accomplished with it. Clear guidelines are needed not only by the developers, but also by the users, who want to know where the language is going, how it's developing. For example, as pointed out by Shian Lee, the shift in development from being a very high language to a language that mixes high and low level statements was not something insignificant, and yet it was not made obvious to all users. I am not against it, by the way. I am merely pointing out that many users would be grateful to have these major decisions clearly stated, rather than being only told features x,y,z are being added/removed. As requested in the other thread, we should define Euphoria's identity and development philosophy a bit more explicitly.

Shian_Lee said...

What is the "constitution" of Euphoria 4? Does Euphoria 4 has any constitution? I could see clearly how Euphoria 3 is keeping logical boundaries - which personally I found beneficial. I cannot see clearly the logic in Euphoria 4 strategy.

Same as above. System_X and Shian Lee's remarks seem to confirm my understanding.

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