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wxImage & Rescale (int width, int height, wxImageResizeQuality quality=wxIMAGE_QUALITY_NORMAL) Changes the size of the image in-place by scaling it: after a call to this function,the image will have the given width and height.

wxIMAGE_QUALITY_NEAREST Simplest and fastest algorithm. wxIMAGE_QUALITY_BILINEAR Compromise between wxIMAGE_QUALITY_NEAREST and wxIMAGE_QUALITY_BICUBIC. wxIMAGE_QUALITY_BICUBIC Highest quality but slowest execution time. wxIMAGE_QUALITY_BOX_AVERAGE Use surrounding pixels to calculate an average that will be used for new pixels.

This method is typically used when reducing the size of an image. wxIMAGE_QUALITY_NORMAL Default image resizing algorithm used by wxImage::Scale().

Currently the same as wxIMAGE_QUALITY_NEAREST. wxIMAGE_QUALITY_HIGH Best image resizing algorithm.

Since version 2.9.2 this results in wxIMAGE_QUALITY_BOX_AVERAGE being used when reducing the size of the image (meaning that both the new width and height will be smaller than the original size). Otherwise wxIMAGE_QUALITY_BICUBIC is used.

Around line 4322 in wxeud.e

public constant  
    wxIMAGE_QUALITY_HIGH    = 1 
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