Original date:2014-11-17 15:32:12 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: wxEuphoria add items to list box

tried add_item ( list2,dbName )

have this error message when using add_item: errors resolving the reference.... add_item

did a search for add_item in wxeud.e.. found this at line 229:

WX_ADD_ITEM = wx_define_c_proc( "add_item", {dll:C_POINTER,dll:E_OBJECT} ),

and these, starting at line 6441:

Inserts the item into the /i list before /i position. Not valid for /b wxLB_SORT or /b wxCB_SORT styles, use /add_item instead. public procedure insert_item( atom list, integer position, sequence text ) c_proc( WX_INSERT_ITEM, {list, position, text} ) end procedure

/topic List Controls

/proc add_item( atom combo, sequence text )

Used to add one or more strings into a /wxListBox, /wxComboBox, or /wxChoice. /i text can be either a string, or a sequence of strings, in which case all of the

items will be added.

This is also used to enter one or more string, bitmap sequences into a /wxBitmapComboBox. public procedure add_item( atom list, sequence text ) c_proc( WX_ADD_ITEM, {list, text} ) end procedure

Could there be a duplicate routine, add_item, in some other include ????

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