Original date:2014-11-14 10:40:31 Edited by: Shian_Lee Subject: Re: [OT] Microsoft takes .NET open source and cross-platform

jaygade said...

Right, but Eclipse is separate from Java and is not bundled with it.

Java is already in the spotlights. It had its own marketing strategy and its own luck.

Euphoria is not Basic or C or Java. Basic and C already had their impressive Microsoft's IDEs in the 90s. Pascal and Assembly as well.

Euphoria was focused on the quality of the language itself, rather then marketing.

Now it's time to put Euphoria in the spotlights by making it popular as Basic, C, and Java. It is possible. Euphoria has the qualities. One line of Euphoria Code is like 50 lines of Basic code or 100 lines of C code.

But you must reach the young people. The old users don't like big risks, and they are usually engaged to their duties. While the young people really like risks and they are full of anxiety. That's why QBASIC is still alive today, and that's why Java exists - young people want to learn it and use it.

But QBASIC is still an impressive IDE for DOS, and Java offers opportunities.

Euphoria cannot wait forever. You will not be able to offer the language to young people without an IDE these days, and without the young people you will never gain popularity, and without popularity you will not get opportunities.

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