Original date:2014-10-31 07:08:55 Edited by: Slacker Subject: Re: Euphoria's identity/philosophy Where is the focus?


I remember reading some of your posts on the old forum, and your frustration with the lack of some features and Rob's refusal to implement them, so I'm happy for you that you eventually got what you wanted.

But what do you mean by "modern"? It seems to me that 4.x went more the way of C, which can hardly be called "modern". In my opinion, adding a bunch of built-ins and control structures only served to distract from Euphoria's distinctive USP, which is the sequence.

There is the issue of knowledge representation and how the structure and syntax of the language, to certain degree, dictates the way you tackle the problem. So someone who is used to programming in BASIC tends to think in terms of numbers, strings, arrays, for loops etc, whereas someone using Lisp thinks in terms of lists and functional programming, and the target demographic is quite different for these languages.

So I guess it comes back to Euphoria's intended niche, and what that is, or should be. If it's supposed to be a general-purpose language that's powerful AND easy to learn, you can't go on adding stuff and expect the niche to stay the same, because more choice comes at the cost of less easy to learn.

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