Original date:2014-09-28 13:18:58 Edited by: tbohon Subject: Re: Euphoria isn't dying - just needs a jolly good kick!

I tend to agree with everything ChrisB says. The language itself is more than usable ... we need 'marketing' and, as my ex-wife would say, 'branding'. Example of the latter: every time someone sees a certain phrase or logo they immediately think of OpenEuphoria. Think of a trademark situation.

The OpenEuphoria home page is OK and if you're already familiar with what OE is it's adequate. BUT ... if you're new (just found it by using Google, e.g.) then it can be pretty confusing. Maybe ChrisB's ideas of 'spicing it up' would be a good first step? My time is pretty limited but I'd be willing to help with ideas, mockups based on those ideas, etc. I WOULD suggest that a group get together 'off-line' from the forum and focus on that without everybody and his brother 'helping' at every stage ... once we have what the group thinks is a workable page we can then open it up to comments.

Just my 2c worth here of course ... and as always this is worth exactly what you paid for it :) :) :)


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