Original date:2014-08-30 05:00:26 Edited by: ghaberek Subject: Re: Let's be honest: Euphoria is dying

ryanj said...

It better not die. I've been working on a big project for many years and it's going to be Redy soon! Also, i'm using euphoria for software for business. I'm starting a company very soon, and if profits are good, i would love to fund Euphoria development. Perhaps pay a developer full-time for a year or something like that. It's a nice dream anyway...

That would be an achievement I will contribute too. But why pay a developer? Can't we find ppl in our own circle to do the odd things? Almost all desired features could be programed in Eu-itself, set aside totally new concepts that current Eu will need C or .asmcode for. But, Euphoria as is, is a great language already and I am negotiating with my web-host to allow it to run alongside Perl, PHP and MySQL as a developer-tool for nice possibilities. IMHO it could almost make all 3 of them superfluous. [b][i]LET'S NOT permit Euphoria to become despair.[/i][/b]

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