Original date:2014-08-13 07:36:08 Edited by: Nevla Subject: Re: Cookbook for Euphoria

bugmagnet said...
Nevla said...

Is the Rosetta Code collection of Euphoria programs the best Euphoria cookbook there is?

Probably as no one has even started a section on PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook for Euphoria. PLEAC is quite thorough in its treatment of the different tasks faced by programming languages. Euphoria could benefit from having presence there, but as has been pointed out already, real life gets in the way.


On the link that you provided, there is even a language called "merd" (sic) that has examples! (for sure, that language has practically no chance of success in French-speaking countries...) so why can't a nice language with a decent-sounding name like Euphoria be represented there?

On a more serious note, would be allowed to "steal" the examples that are already hosted on Rosetta Code and put them on our website?

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