Original date:2014-08-11 05:57:15 Edited by: Nevla Subject: Re: UTF-8 encoding vs UTF-32

DerekParnell said...
  • Euphoria's sequences are a 'good fit' to be used for UTF-32 encoding because there would be a one-to-one correspondence between code points and atoms, and absolutely nothing in Euphoria would need to be changed with respect to using sequence to store UTF-32 strings in RAM.


My 'rule-of-thumb' is to use UTF-32 internally, meaning that strings in RAM are stored as UTF-32 and all processing (comparing, sorting, searching, manipulating, etc...) of these strings is done using UTF-32

So, practically speaking, what library would I need to use in order to use UTF-32 internally? Or is it the case that I don't even need to use one while working internally? (because of the natural compatibility that you just mentioned above)

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