Original date:2014-08-10 17:47:54 Edited by: Nevla Subject: Re: Missing features in Euphoria

GreenEuphorian said...
  • Lack of higher-order functions

If we had anonymous functions, we could implement a truly Euphoric OOP system by using sequences (yes, sequences!), without the need for any other OOP infrastructure. And it would be an all-Euphoric solution, for Euphoria purists.

That's what Lua developers did with tables, which are to Lua what sequences are to Euphoria. The clever trick by Lua's developers consisted in having OOP objects that are actually tables. The methods/functions are stored within the tables, just like the variables are. Everything in Lua is table-based, so objects are simply tables. Of course, there is some syntax candy involved to make them look like traditional objects, but in the end they are nothing but tables. Why can't we have the same in Euphoria, with sequences?

GreenEuphorian said...
  • Lack of nested functions

+1 I would really like to see nested functions supported in Euphoria.

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