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ZNorQ said...


I get the following errors when I run software using Win32Lib with openEuphoria v4.1.0.

First screen to pop up is the "Win32Lib AppWindow - Fatal Error", then the shutdown (which I cancel, but still closes down certain processes and basically results in a required restart), and lastly the cmd-window.

When running same code using v4.0.5, I do not get these errors. Anyone got any idea what this could be...?

Kenneth aka ZNorQ.

PS! Sorry if the issue have been brought up before; tried searching for similar occurrences/reports.

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I can reproduce this on WIn8.1

But only if i try a 64bit Version of the Euphoria Interpreter.

Is it this what you are trying todo? Running Win32lib with an 64bit Interpreter?

I do not think you can do this without completely rewritng Win32lib ;) Handles and Pointers for the WinApi are now 64bit and there are all Hardcoded with 32bit in Win32lib.

I think MattLewis has a Version of Win32lib using his Struct-Branch of Euphoria. Maybe this works.


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