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jimcbrown said...
jimcbrown said...
jimcbrown said...
DerekParnell said...

In the output function section, you should also mention the writef() and writefln() functions as they are more versatile than printf(), in my opinion.

A quick pointer on how/why they are more versatile might be appropriate here.

Something like and

Speaking of which, I found from but it doesn't exist. (In fact, every single tutorial link on that page doesn't exist.)

This may not be couth:

You say Euphoria is a hot PL but every time I say 'I don't understand this' or, 'I don't think this is right' I am assumed to stupid.

Because you make up your mind instantly you miss important things.

This is a real pain: you are saying I am stupid.

Yet you then tell me what I already know (and don't understand).

So what use are you to me?


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