Installation guide for euallegro 4.2

Download link link - this will give you access to the individual folders, or alternatively download the whole lot from the euallegro link at the top.

I have tried to make the installation as logical and as intuitive as possible. The folder names should be self explanatory, and it doesn't matter where the folder is located, as include files are referenced relatively using Phix's include system (putting an include file in the same folder as the program, with the same name as the intended include, which itself is just a reference to the 'real' include file.

There is a docs folder, which contains an allegro help file in a chm format. This eu version of allegro follows very closely the C library, so pretty much all the documentation that you could want is in there. Also remember this as a very quick reference to the most common functions and how to use them.

The include folder also contains an fmod include, for mp3 music and samples (as said before it will also play .mods, but allegro will do that natively too, and joy.ew, a heavily modified joystick wrapper, originally written by Mic, but which now makes use of the Extended joystick structure.

There are plenty of examples, in the allegro game pack folder, the samples folder, and the Projects folder. Most of these work, some don't, as just need tweaking for Phix. Some are written by me, some are adapted from other sources, some by Ray Smith, some by Aku [other one too], but as far as I am aware, all are open source, and free to use.

The tools folder is interesting. It contains a 'gathering' of programs from various sources to help in game creation, and .dat files for allegro. My cover these later.

There is a jpeg folder - allegro can't use jpegs, so this is a jpeg dll, which hopefully will load a bitmap into memory, that can be used by allegro - still in the experimental stages there - the dll came from, and the dll function viewer came from RJP computing - both useful in their own right.

Just copy and paste the folders from to your hard drive. You will also need to copy the dlls (in the dll folder) to either windows/System32 (32 bit system) or Windows/SysWOW64 (64 bit system) - this game kit is 32 bit, but will run on 64 bit systems - the 32 or 64 bit sytem refers to the computer you are running it on.

You need to have a working copy of Phix - make sure it's the 32 bit version - 64 bit Phix won't run with the 32 bit dlls. For ease, all programs are loaded and run from Edita - build edita with Phix (the version supplied with Phix in the demo folder), and put a shortcut on your desktop for ease of access. Hey presto a complete euallegro game development system!


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