Historical SampleCode, Revision 4

Prompt the user for a string

-- Sample of Euphoria Source code -- 
public function prompt_string(sequence prompt) 
    object answer 
    puts(CONSOLE, prompt) 
    answer = gets(KEYBOARD) 
    puts(CONSOLE, "\n") 
    if sequence(answer) and length(answer) > 0 then 
        return answer[1..$-1] -- trim the trailing end-of-line character 
        return "" 
    end if 
end function 

Sieve Of Erathosthenes

include get.e 
procedure eratosthenes(integer target) 
  sequence sieve 
  integer next_prime 
  integer limit 
  sieve = repeat(0, target) 
  limit = floor(power(target, 0.5)) 
  sieve[1] = 1 
  next_prime = 2 
  while next_prime <= target and next_prime != 0 do 
    if next_prime <= limit then 
      for i = next_prime + next_prime to target by next_prime do 
        sieve[i] = 1 
      end for 
    end if 
    printf(1, "%d ", next_prime) 
    next_prime = find_from(0, sieve, next_prime+1) 
  end while 
end procedure 
procedure main(sequence argv) 
  integer n 
  n = 50 
  if length(argv) >= 3 then 
    argv = value(argv[3]) 
    n = argv[2] 
  end if 
end procedure 
main( command_line() ) 

99 Bottles of Beer

include wildcard.e 
function cap(sequence x) 
	x[1] = upper(x[1]) 
	return x 
end function 
function count_bottles(integer n) 
    sequence text 
    switch n do 
	  case 0: 
		text = "no more bottles" 
	  case 1: 
		text = "1 bottle" 
	  case else 
		text = sprintf("%d bottles", n) 
	end switch 
	return text 
end function 
procedure main() 
  sequence bottlecount 
  bottlecount = count_bottles(99) 
  for i = 99 to 0 by -1 do 
    -- Line one of the stanza 
    printf(1, "%s of beer on the wall, %s of beer.\n",  
            {cap(bottlecount), bottlecount}) 
    -- Line 2 of the stanza 
    if i > 0 then 
      puts(1, "Take one down and pass it around, ") 
      puts(1, "Go to the store and buy some more, ") 
    end if 
   if i > 0 then 
  	 bottlecount = count_bottles(i-1) 
  	 bottlecount = count_bottles(99) 
   end if 
   printf(1, "%s of beer on the wall.\n\n",  
  end for 
end procedure 
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