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If the warning_name begins with a plus symbol '+', this warning is added to the current set of warnings checked for, otherwise the first usage resets the list to the warning being introduced, and each subsequent -W warning_name adds to the list.

-WF file_name (all)
Sets the file where the warnings should go instead of the standard error. Warnings are written to that file regardless of whether or not there are errors in the source. If there are no warnings, the -wf file is not created. If the -wf file cannot be created, a suitable message is displayed on STDERR and written to ex.err.
Resets, or adds to, the list of warnings that will not be issued. This is opposite of the -W switch.
The case of the switches is ignored, so -I and -i are equivalent.

Further Notes

  • Included files are searched for in all included paths, in the following order:
    1. The current path
    2. Paths specified in a -I command line switch, which can also come from any configuration files found.
    3. Paths listed in the EUINC environment variable, in the order in which they appear
    4. Paths listed in the EUDIR environment variable, in the order in which they appear
    5. The interpreter's path
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